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The pride of Kenya Masai Mara

Pink Kikoy Sarong-Blue border



The Kikoy Sarong fabric is a traditional East African fabric that has commonly been used in the region and bears rich cultural value and importance.The fabric is purely Acrylic an.It bears beautiful handmade tarsels that makes it stick out better than other costumes.It is commonly used as a body wrap,neck or head scalf or aesthetic wall hanging.It is one fabric you would not afford to miss out.Our collection comes in a variety of many colors and designs.

White Kikoy Sarong from Kenya

Info about White Kikoy Sarong from Kenya

Traditional Swahili fabric.

Made up of 100% cotton.

Two sides have beautifully handmade tassels.

Measures approximately 160cm x 100cm in dimensions.

Variety of beautiful colors as displayed

Can be used by both sexes and most age groups as a Beach towel,Neck scarf or Head cover by women.